Contact: gavin.rogers@wlv.ac.uk

Twitter: @Gavin_J_R

Instagram: @gavin.rogers

Studio: A3 Project Space,

Address: Unit A3, 2 Bowyer Street, Digbeth, Birmingham, B10 0SA


Gavin Rogers is an international artist, performer  and socially engaged researcher living and working  in  the  United  Kingdom.  His  practice  is situated  across  a  range  of  media  from performance to sculpture.  Gavin has particular  interest  in the area of identity; juxtaposing, stereotyping and discovering personal, social and psychogeographical identities though visual, textual and verbal languages.

Gavin’s practice is well known for his works surrounding local and national  identities, which aim to rediscover, de-mystify and rebrand socio-political issues. Gavin is remembered  by many as the man who wore only red, white and blue clothes for an entire year, touring the UK, East to West in a Union Jack flagged car, collecting conversations and video from staged encounters along the way. Since then he has made a lot of community based work, which in recent years has culminated in sculptures that raise awareness of subjects such as alcoholism and migration.  

Since then, Gavin’s work has moved towards the consideration of city identities, working in Barcelona (Spain), Melbourne (Australia), Nottingham (UK), Leeds (UK) and Sheffield (UK). Gavin has worked with a number of well known art institutions including YSP, Stryx Gallery Birmingham, MAC Arts Centre, TATE Liverpool, Somerset House, Nottingham Contemporary, University  of  Melbourne,  Confest, Birmingham School of Art, Contemporary Art Sydney and Coventry Biennial of Contemporary Art. 

Alongside his artistic practice Gavin runs workshops, seminars, lectures and teaching sessions within  and  outside  of academia  including:  being  the  curator  of the  USA to  UK Creative Exchange  for  Fulbright  Scholars, coordinating  the  National  Art  Saturday  Club and being a Senior Lecturer in Fine Art (Public Art and Sculpture) at the Wolverhampton School of Art.