Academic Profile

Research Interests

  • Psychogeography and the Situationists
  • Relational aesthetics
  • Performance
  • Artistic methodologies
  • Cultural policy
  • Arts pedagogy

External papers and conferences

– Victoria University, Melbourne – My city and me. Seminar series. April 2014

– Monash University, Melbourne – Paper Performance Ethnography: Discovering Cities. Paper

– Presented a paper about Arts Pedagogy at TATE Gallery, London, as part of the DCMS.

– Attended the BIAD Postgraduate Conference

– New template for ‘Arts Education’ DCMS Conference @ London School of Economics (May 2013)

– In Dialogue 2014. Workshop and panel member. Conversation as Practice. (October 2014)

Internal academic papers and conferences

– Clearing the Mist. Performing my PhD seminar series. Thinking Though Practices. May 2014. The Primary Studios.

– Fly on the wall, elephant in the room – Presented a paper at the Research and the

Researcher – 5th Annual Research Practice Conference, Nottingham Trent University

– Wise Wanderings – Presented a paper and seminar session for the SPACE and the Humanities Research Cluster, School of Design and Built Environment, Nottingham Trent University

– Snow White and her dreaded PhD. Paper. Breaking Boundaries Research Conference. May 2014. Nottingham Trent University.

– Public Engagement in Research – Presented a seminar session and Lecture as part of the Postgraduate Research Festival, ADBE 2013

– Delivered a lecture and seminar session: Introduction to Psychogeography – Nottingham Trent

– Contributed towards discussion, seminars and symposiums as part of the Thinking Through Practices – Research Group – School of Art and Design Study Trips and Residencies

– Residency and visits

-The Lovehouse, Victoria University and the University of Monash, Melbourne, Australia (April 2014)

– Technical support. Immersive Book Designs, promotional advert with Hritiyan Pavlov. The Alps, France. (18th to 22nd May 2014)

– Study visit and photographic collaboration : Agglomeration, Barcelona (April 2013)

– Art and Design festival – Sofia, Bulgaria (23rd – 27th June 2013)

– Residency Shadowing –Janet Biggs, Video Artist, New York City (Feb 2009)



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