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Gavin Rogers National Gallery of Australia NVAEC1Gavin Rogers National Gallery of Australia NVAEC2

Gavin Rogers (Wolverhampton School of Art, UK) Presented a paper, a talk, and panel debate discussion at the National Visual Art Education Conference in Canberra, Australia. Paper abstract below:

The fine art studio: philosophy, love, politics, and aesthetics. 
This paper focuses on how to create an inclusive studio space for students, teachers and most importantly their opinions. Taking inspiration from artist Thomas Hirschhorn, this presentation proposes a rethinking of the Fine Art studio to become a space where philosophy, love, politics and aesthetics collide as the central driving force of creativity. It negotiates the introverts with the extraverts and creates new ways of working.

Recent publications and research: 

**ROUTLEDGE: Being Maker-Centric: Making as Method for Self-organising & Achieving Craft Impact in Local Communities & Economies (2018)**

Gavin Rogers Being MakerCentric (2018)

Fiona Hackney, Deirdre Figueiredo, Laura Onions, Gavin
Rogers and Jana Milovanovic

Published in June 2018

Makercentric project (2017-18)
Duration: From 2017 to 2018

Maker-Centric is one of a series of participatory arts research projects across the UK that are funded by The Arts and Humanities Research Council’s (AHRC) Connected Communities programme. The project takes a material placed-based approach to engaging communities in speculative co-design.


**STEPZ II – Eyes and Brains in Shoes (2016)**

Eyes and Brain in Shoes, Gavin Rogers, Edited by Ally Standing, Tina Richardson    Stepz II - Between Rollerama and The JunkYard Gavin Rogers

Rogers, G. (2016) “Eyes and Brains in Shoes” in Richardson, T and Standing, A (2016)Between the Rollerama and the Junk Yard. STEPZ A psychogeographical journal based in Manchester. Ropepress Publishing, UK. pp.6-7


**ROPEPRESS PUBLISHING – Post Utopia (2016)**

Post Utopia Book Gavin Rogers Bermuda Collective Ally Standing Bruno Grilo

Post Utopia (2016) By Gavin Rogers, Ally Standing, Bruno Grilo. Ropepress Publishers. 28 Pages.

ISBN – Google Books link

Research Interests

  • Psychogeography and the Situationists
  • Relational aesthetics
  • Performance
  • Artistic methodologies
  • Cultural policy
  • Arts pedagogy

Papers and conferences

– Arts Schools as Gift Economy (2018) Gavin Rogers and Laura Onions  NAFAE Conference Wolverhampton Art Gallery/ WSA

– Digital mythologies, virtual ambulations and the cyberflâneur: Psychogeography in the Internet age (2017)  By Ally Standing & Gavin Rogers. University of Huddersfield

 – Performance Intervention (2017) Research Matters Conference. Birmingham School of Art Annual Research Conference. A performance and presentation of work on the theme of institutional critique. With Claire Hickey and MAKESHIFTSPACE.

– Tetley Arts Space, Leeds – Brewing Symposium – Performance as a brewing process in Association with ClusterBOMB (August 2015)

– Victoria University, Melbourne – My city and me. Seminar series. April 2014

– Monash University, Melbourne – Paper Performance Ethnography: Discovering Cities. Paper

– Presented a paper about Arts Pedagogy at TATE Gallery, London, as part of the DCMS.

– Attended the BIAD Postgraduate Conference

– New template for ‘Arts Education’ DCMS Conference @ London School of Economics (May 2013)

– In Dialogue 2014. Workshop and panel member. Conversation as Practice. (October 2014)

– Clearing the Mist. Performing my PhD seminar series. Thinking Though Practices. May 2014. The Primary Studios.

– Fly on the wall, elephant in the room – Presented a paper at the Research and the

– Researcher – 5th Annual Research Practice Conference, Nottingham Trent University

– Wise Wanderings – Presented a paper and seminar session for the SPACE and the Humanities Research Cluster, School of Design and Built Environment, Nottingham Trent University

– Snow White and her dreaded PhD. Paper. Breaking Boundaries Research Conference. May 2014. Nottingham Trent University.

– Public Engagement in Research – Presented a seminar session and Lecture as part of the Postgraduate Research Festival, ADBE 2013

– Delivered a lecture and seminar session: Introduction to Psychogeography – Nottingham Trent

– Contributed towards discussion, seminars and symposiums as part of the Thinking Through Practices – Research Group – School of Art and Design Study Trips and Residencies


Residency and visits

– Gdansk, Poland (2018) (Migration work)

– Ljubljana Slovenia (2018)  (Makercentric/ Erasmus)

– Venice Biennale 2011, 2015, 2017

-The Lovehouse, Victoria University and the University of Monash, Melbourne, Australia (April 2014)

– Technical support. Immersive Book Designs, promotional advert with Hritiyan Pavlov. The Alps, France. (18th to 22nd May 2014)

– Study visit and photographic collaboration : Agglomeration, Barcelona (April 2013)

– Art and Design festival – Sofia, Bulgaria (23rd – 27th June 2013)

– Residency Shadowing –Janet Biggs, Video Artist, New York City (Feb 2009)


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