Gavin J R. Lady Bay Biennale 2012 Participatory Performance, Nottingham , UK


Gavin J R at the Lady Bay Biennale Festival. Engaged community participatory performance, whereby the artist, Gavin J R, collects thoughts, words and phrases about Nottingham from the visitors and residents of Lady Bay area. Asking them three questions.


During the event Gavin then used the words to compose a poem which was then performed, in an improvised Jazz style (inclusing terrible singing!) , back to an audience at the All Hallows Community Hall.


Thank-you to all of those whom took Part. There were over 120 comments, 60 Photos, and an audience of over 40 for the Live performance.

Some Quotes from  the song:

“Robin Hood Robin Hood, Riding through the Bay.

Ventures to the city, Dog poo all the way”


“Rubbish, Litter all around, but not in lady bay

High street on a Friday night, best to stay away”


“Riding round the one way, where is fricck to go

A’yup me duck, aup y’alright. Local Lingo.”


“But poverty and violence, often have to meet

Reputation of crime, shooting in the street



“We are sailing down the river,

Like a candle, in the wind

We will move it just like jagger

Past the station, Stand by me”

Gavin J R 2012

Lady Bay Arts Website

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