Fullbright Exhibtition

Nottingham  From the Outside Looking in….

History and HeritageThroughout the Fullbright Institute students’ visit to Nottingham Trent University (Art, Design and Built Environment) there was a History and Heritage Programme, two evenings per week and Saturday daytimes. Fulbright students attended a scheduled lecture programme about Nottingham and its local legends, including the real Robin Hood. There will be visits to museums and galleries of local and national importance, an experience of a mock historic trial based on the city’s literary heritage, and an exploration of architectural developments that have changed the city skyline.Art and Design Open Workshop and Final Exhibition: Week 4

The last week in Nottingham the Fullbright students participated in an open studio experience that allowed them to concentrate on a preferred creative discipline and produce work for a final exhibition. The only brief for the work was that it should reflect thier experience of being in Nottingham – Its history, heritage, people ,places, and experiences. The week will be overseen by Gavin J Rogers, Part Time Lecturer and PhD Student, Visual Arts.
Thanks to the 8 students whom exhibited in the show: James Addison, Karen Pham, Naomi Henry, Rachel Yoder, Cora Visnick, Jerika Jordan, Rachel Gonsalves and Justin Wadge.

And special mention to Jerika Jordan (Art History and Museum Studies) whom became our curator in residance,  managing to design, print and  catalogue the exhibition  as well as co-curating the exhibition space with thier studio leader – Gavin Rogers.

Check out the photos below on Flickr complete with names and dates. Copyrights remain property of the artists.



Fullbright Exhibtition Photos, a set on Flickr.

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