VOCAL: [Media]ted Riots @ New Art Exchange, Nottingham

New Art Exchange, Nottingham

VOCAL: [Media]ted Riots

The Nottingham Riots one year on.

(Reading, short film, panel discussion)

Thursday 20 September, 6:30pm – 9pm

New Art Exchange, Nottingham

New Art Exchange is to open its new season with a specially developed session considering the impact of the Nottingham riots one year on.

Artist Rhiannon Slade facilitates conversations between voices of the hard to reach, local community members, youth groups and academics to discuss the effect that the riots has had on the people of Nottingham. The event will comprise of a reading of excerpts from Mottled Lines, which debuted at the Orange Tree Theatre, London in July, a short film presentation and a panel discussion. The short, made by the Rhiannon Slade, captures some of the conversations that have taken place during the making of this project.

Panelists include: Professor David Buckingham, Archie W Maddocks, Shad Ali, Skinder Hundal, Minnie from Just Ask and Kevin Spriggs  from  ‘Catch 22’  Panelists have been invited by the artist to bring together a diverse range of communities. The panel is facilitaed by Rhiannon Slade.

Artists Rhiannon Slade and Gavin Rogers have also worked in partnership with Year 9 students from Djanogly City Academy to review the archives and stories surrounding the riots and design and create the panelists table.

The panelists table and chairs will be exhibited at Hyson Green Library from the 29th September and there will be a ceremony at 12pm for Invited parents, students and staff to attend a presentation by Berridge and Arboretum Ward Nottingham City Councilors alongside the Artist to thank the students for their valuable participation in the project.


6.30pm – 7pm A reading of excerpts from ‘Mottled Lines’ by Archie W Maddocks

Writer Archie W Maddocks explores what led to the UK Riots last summer and how the lack of communication amongst some of society’s citizens allowed fear to take over. With support from NAE’s YARD Young Actors Company.

Admission: £3 (£2 concession)
Age range: 14+

7.30pm – 9pm         VOCAL: [Media]ted Riots with Artist Rhiannon Slade, Curated by Saira Lloyd; Synapse Arts

Artist Rhiannon Slade facilitates a conversation between voices of the hard to reach, local community members, youth groups and the academics to explore the effect that the Nottingham riots had on the people of Nottingham. The event will comprise of a short film presentation, and a panel discussion.

Admission: FREE Age range: PG

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