Nottingham: the place to be for emerging artists?

world event young artists 2012
World Event Young Artists 2012
  • Nottingham Contemporary is one of the most visited contemporary art spaces in the UK.
  • Nottingham Castle holds the first municipal art gallery outside of London.
  • Nottingham School of Art and Design (later named Nottingham Trent) claims to be the first government funded arts institution in the UK, along with Manchester, York and Somerset house (later the Royal College of Art).
  • New Art Exchange. The only ‘South Asian, African and Caribbean’ art gallery of its kind outside of London.
  • More arts and cultural spaces (sqft) per resident than any other city in the UK. With a thriving arts scene and low rents on studios it is a great place for emerging and professional artists to live.
  • Nottingham’s up-coming £60 million Creative Quarter will bring even more art, design and entrepreneurial activity to the city, and is estimated to create up to 7,000 jobs.
  • World Event Young Artists hosted in Nottingham in 2012. Over 1000 artists from around the world landed in Nottingham. (see above image).
  • Voted No1 City in the UK for Public transport, 2011 – Beating London and Brighton.
  • In the Top 5 places to Shop on the UK: London, Nottingham, Glasgow, Leeds, Manchester.
  • West Bridgford (Rushcliffe), a suburb of Nottingham is mentioned in the top 10 most desirable places to live in the UK. This was the only location to feature outside of the South East of England.
  • Nottingham’s Market Square is the largest open square in the UK.
  • Nottingham has a very large student population during term time.
  • Nottingham is one of the cheapest places to live in the UK…. Both the rental and the buyers market are affordable.
  • Nottingham’s local people are seen to be very friendly, talkative and down to earth.

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