Current Exhibition at Yard Gallery, Wollaton Hall, Nottingham

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I am currently exhibiting my work in the magnificent grounds of Wollaton Park, within the Yard Gallery. My work is being shown alongside other photography, video art, objects and audio works.

The exhibition is themed around shoes, particularly the shoes of immigrants who have arrived to the city of Nottingham, near or far.

Very often when someone arrives to a new village, town, city or country – the only land that they can call their own is soles of their shoes. As they walk the streets, their land; memories, stories and emotions; follow them step by step. They have left their home land behind, and are not yet welcomed or comfortable in their new land.

For some people moving to Nottingham in the UK was a sense of duty, family commitment, a chance to improve their life, career and education…for other however is can be a chance to escape, to seek asylum from danger and prosecution.

Boots and Routes Montage of Photograpehrs, 2013

It was a pleasure to work alongside, Kelly O’Brien, Trish Evans, Olaitan Faniyi, Jennifer Isagie Akpejunor, Elector Zvorwadza, Laura Rossi, Sophia Beyene, Iman Hamid, James McGrath, John Shelton, Raul Garcia, Leanne Meeaghan and Ivon Katalay.

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