(R)over – Back to Black

It has been an exciting and emotional 3 years living with my Rover 100, a small nippy British made car of the early 1990’s. We met in October 2010, where we both decided we would become symbols of Patriotism and rediscover our identities as British objects. We made art, we made films, we catalysed conversations, we made people smile, we took verbal abuse from drivers by, we have been wrongly accused as being BNP supporters, we have spun around islands and we have visited many beautiful places, urban and rural.

Gavin Rogers 2010-13
(R) over – Gavin Rogers 2010-13

Our favourite memory was when we travelled from East to West coast of England making documentary film. We both wore red white and blue religiously, and we featured on BBC television and Radio which was rather exciting.

Unfortunately our relationship started to stress when she kept having hot flushes, and we were endlessly having to pull into laybys and garages to argue. She would cough and spit, steam would come from her soul. She became very high maintenance; love, attention and money all of the time. On the 15th August 2013 I found out she had a terminal illness, a warped head gasket. I decided  it would be best that we part, and I lay her to rest at the scrap yard.

As a tribute to our time together I decided to chug myself to the scrap yard, and take part in one last performance. I left my red white and blue outfit in my travel case as a gift to the men at the scrap yard so that they can become part of my story, my car, my performance, my Britain.

Rust in peace.

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