Stryx – Work in Progress Show

Fortification Series 

All photos by Ilona Zielinska Edit by Marcin Sz

Gavin Rogers 41

Gavin Rogers (2016) Fortification: Masterplan. Foam, mirror, wood, cheese balls

Gavin Rogers 27

Gavin Rogers (2016) Fortification: New Street Station Sushi. Brick, carbon, glass, steel, alloy, petroleum, chopsticks

Gavin Rogers 21

Gavin Rogers (2016) Fortification: DevelopmentDocumented performance printed on thermal financial transaction paper (2 prints)


Gavin Rogers 36

Gavin Rogers (2016) Fortification: Discovery. Vitamins, Minerals, Carbohydrates, Sugars

Gavin Rogers 40

Gavin Rogers (2016) Fortification: Dystopia. Digital images on thermal financial transition paper

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