National Gallery of Australia


As the NGA is at the heart of our nation’s visual culture it is fitting that we welcome visual arts educators from across the country to come together in January 2019 for our fourth National Visual Art Education Conference.

At NVAEC in 2019 we are asking:
What is at the heart of art education?

We believe teachers are at the heart. Teachers are the heartbeat, they are art advocates, they are art tragics, they are passionate. They are brave, they wear their hearts on their sleeves and they keep students at the centre.

Gavin Rogers

Gavin Rogers is a socially engaged artist and educator currently living and working in the UK. His practice is situated from performance to sculpture, but his main media is people. He works with schools, communities, universities and local arts organisations to bring challenging subjects and conversation to life, subjects such as migration, gender politics and alcoholism. He does this by creating opportunities, projects, spaces and environments that allow people to explore art making alongside their politics. He believes in storytelling—not just telling, but also the listening.


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