Tower Ballroom

I am currently supporting Bertz Associates as an artist director for a new project called “Dreaming Tower Ballroom”


With thanks to Arts Council England and Birmingham City Council, Bertz Associates are excited to announce their new arts and heritage project

About Dreaming Tower Ballroom

Dreaming Tower Ballroom is an arts and heritage project which aims to collect memories and future dreams of the Tower Ballroom at Edgbaston Reservoir in Birmingham.

Meet the team: Iris Bertz, Paige Jackson, Gavin Rogers

The Tower Ballroom located by Edgbaston Reservoir in Birmingham has a legacy which dates back to 1827 when it was first opened as a Victorian roller skating rink. Since then it has been the home to ballroom dancing, parties, club nights, weddings, gigs, festivals, boxing matches and concerts. Famous for its large capacity, revolving dancefloor, and being the place for working class culture to flourish. Despite formally closing its doors in 2017, the Tower Ballroom is in the hearts and minds of many residents in the Birmingham area. Many people, residents and city planners, are wondering what is next for the Ballroom site?

This project aims to gather stories, memories and photos of the Tower Ballroom from local residents, past ,present and future. We aim to not only create a historical archive of the site, but also a catalogue of dreams of what a Civic or Dreamed Future Tower Ballroom could be. To find out more about how to share memories please visit. or alternatively check out our Instagram @dreamingtowerballroom and Facebook page @dreamingtowerballroom


We have also commissioned a fantastic selection of Birmingham based artists and filmmakers who will respond to the Tower Ballroom site in their own individual and collaborative ways. Artists include Marley Butler, Vik Chandla, Rebecca Hardy, Sam Lockyer, Gavin Rogers, Simone SmithSharon Sutton, Jennifer Thomas, and Cathy Wade.

About Bertz Associates 

Located in Ladywood, Birmingham we are an intercultural and intergenerational team of artists, producers and educational specialists. As a grassroots organisation, we bring to life projects and opportunities for people living in North West Birmingham and act as agents with city wide stakeholders to bring meaningful and action based cultural projects to the city.

Bertz Associates specialises in consultancy and mentoring within the arts with a particular focus on empowering young people, integenerational working, intercultural collaborations, mentoring and “representation within the arts”,  if you want to work with us please get in touch:

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