Welcome to Bilston

Bilston Art Project aims to capture, entertain and reimagine past, present and future stories of Bilston.

We have commissioned a number of local artists to create artworks about Bilston: people, places and stories. This project is ongoing and is part of a number of workshops and arts activities, which will be delivered in 2021. To find out more about them, and other events we are delivering on our social media page @BilstonArtProject or www.instagram.com/bilstonartproject

To the left along The Orchard, you will see the work of Vik Chandla, an aspiring local street artist. This 20-metre work features some Bilston favourites. A symbolic and cultural layering of recognisable shapes from the past, present and future Bilston. Featuring canals, the Staffordshire knot, metalwork marks, sky, the market, and of course orange chips! What can you spot in the image?

To the right along Hall Street, the first three featured works are from Black Country based artists Claire Buckerfield, Tom Hicks (@BlackCountryType) and Rachel Magdeburg.

These three artists have all been commissioned to make a new piece of site responsive work to the local area. Claire Buckerfield has created an abstract work which elevates the often insignificant and draws attention to a forgotten unassuming building nearby. Tom Hicks has been busy documenting the post-industrial landscape of the local area and composing these images into new artistic forms. Rachel Magdeburg has been reimagining a Victorian cast iron canopied drinking foundation that was once located in Hickman Park, Bilston.

Beyond those works along Hall Street is a showcase of artwork by local and regional artists who are all graduate-alumni from the University of Wolverhampton. Greig Campbell, Sandra Cope, Laura Dicken, Jade Hamilton, Chanphiphat Janthra, Tamsin Lunn, Ellie Tranter, Sharonjit Kaur Sutton & Iris Bertz and Emily Williams.  These amazing artists, many of whom live in and around Bilston, have explored topics ranging from industry, family, identity, local people, food, workers, craft and conversation.

Bilston is full of creative people and we hope to encourage more creativity to flourish in the area.  The project has been facilitated by Midlands based artist-producer Gavin Rogers who is currently a lecturer from the Wolverhampton School of Art. Thanks to Wolverhampton City Council and the University of Wolverhampton who have generously supported this project.  

We hope you enjoy the work, Viva La Bilston!

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