Here in Rotton Park

Video Commission by CIVIC Square about the impact of “sustainable retrofitting” houses in the inner city.

Public screening of a new video “here in Rotton park” by Gavin Rogers. Public screening of this on Saturday 16th, drop in and out between 10:00am and 2:00pm everyone is welcome (DM me for more information/postcode) or visit @civic_square for specifics.

The 15 minute video discusses from a personal (and somewhat community perspective) some of the complexities, concerns and intimacies of living on this street.

Thanks to all my local neighbours. Since moving here you have made me feel very welcome. Our neighborhood is both a magical and difficult place to live. We have to be really careful how we manage retrofitting, gentrification and our streets to make sure that everyone is supported. We should be aware of each others hopes, desires, fears, dreams and emotions.

We are beginning to to understand neighbourhood complexities like never before though listening quietly, taking small but pragmatic actions, and by ensuring our morals and values empower everybody. This is a really tough thing to do, but necessary if change is coming.


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